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December 29, 2013
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I woke up in the bed, I don’t know why,  I would to be excited and happy, today was something important, I knew. What day was? I looked the calendar in my bedroom, nailed to the wall. 25th of December. Christmas. That would be a happy day, but it wasn’t for me. Again other day in my house, in my dull life. That day would be my grandma birthday, I would be happy to see her, and say “Happy Birthday” to her. At any rate, I couldn’t. She died some years ago, I didn’t know too much her, but she was part of my family too anyway. I rolled in the bed to sit and stand up. As I was still sleepy, I fell to the stone floor.

“Oh, good” –I thought. “Good way to start other dull day, why not?”

I raised, all awake now, with a bit pain in the knee and the elbow. I didn’t expet Christmas presents, why? Here in Spain the most of the people doesn’t celebrate Christmas with gifts, my house wasn’t an exception.

“What have the day for me today?” –I said. I usually talk for myself, used to that since no one was almost disposed to hear me and my weird things and feels. I began to feel a bit dizzy, that was like if someone was hearing me and made appear it when I said that. I underestimate that, sometimes happens to me, and it pass quickly. Only a simple little dizziness. I shouldn’t have done that, it went worse. I leaned against the wall, trying to think plainly. The nervousness feel came strong and alive, it began to flood me. The dizziness continued to get worse, and my nervousness began to switch to fear. All my body paralyzed and I stopped to breath. Couldn’t stay more again the wall, I fell to the floor again, hardly. All I can remember is I was fighting for breath again, for my life, and I fell in the unconsciousness.

I woke up again, in a bed.

“What a good day I’m having!” –I thought with sarcasm. “What’s next? Fall in a deep spicky hole? Honestly, this day can’t be worse, and hardly can improve” –I opened my eyes. And that was the last thing I did being serious and dull that day. The sadness became impression, and after that, strangeness. I was in a wooden house, all full of books written in a strange language. I knew where I was, althout I have never been there. But that would be impossible..

That was the house of one of my characters, Morderek. I raised up, a bit dizzy yet. I was ready for falling again, but the dizziness passed away quickly, I was all awake and good. Suddently I heard someone’s steps in the stairs. I lied on the bed again and, I don’t know why, I pretended to be asleep. The person that came stopped close to the bed, next to me. It sighed and cressed my cheek. That took me unready, and it knew I was awake.

“Come on, you can open your eyes, I’m not as ugly” –he said. “After all, you made me like I am now, a shapeshifter”.

I opened my eyes. There he was, Morderek, the shapeshifter I made.

“Morderek..?” –I thought that was impossible, I would like to believe it. I was sure that was a dream.. Or not? Anyway, I raised up looking him. I wasn’t speaking to him because I lost the ability to speak. What could I say? I was too nervous only for the thing of see him there, staring at me curiously.

“I didn’t think you was as quiet” –he said. “And I thought you were at least glad for seeing me, finally with you. Maybe I mistook?” –He looked at me sadly.“I feel sorry then for bring you here if you didn’t want..”

My paralyzed state passed away in a half second afer I heard that. I hugged him tightly.

“No.. no, please, let me stay here, with you.. I’m so happy to be here, just impressed..” –I tried to smile, but all my sadness of before made me make a weird grin. Morderek looked at me and smiled happily after recognize my answer. He hugged me too and wished me a merry Christmas.

“No..” –I said. “Christmas never are happy.. not for me..” –Morderek stared at me, serious.

“They don’t have to be bad for you..” –He took my hand and squeezed it a bit to cheer me up. “Cheer up and be happy, you’ll see, this Christmas would be amazing for you, if I’m right thinking about what do you want” –similing he began to walk up the stairs in his big tree house. I knew I did it big to be on a giant tree, but it was better than I thought. “Come here, let’s prepare you with better clothes than that pajama. You have to be presentable” –this time he took me by the hand and led me to an one room with an entire body mirror, but without any clothes.

“Why I would be presentable?” –I asked.

“Just because we’ll have guests soon” –he smiled to me and made appear some clothes.

“Guests like who?” –I didn’t know who would be to visit me, I understood someone would visit my shapeshifter friend, but, who would want to see me? I don’t think I had to appear in front of someone, so I don’t know why I would need new clothes.

“Well, I told some people I was going to try bring you here, so the want to meet you.. I hope it’s all allright..” –Definitley some people wanted to see me, I didn’t know who.

“Okay..?” –I said, unsure. I didn’t know how to answer to that. But I was almost sure refuse wasn’t valid.

“Great!” –He said. “Well, let’s see how do you look with this” –He gave me a black sweatshirt with dark gray pants. The sneakers were black too. He gave to me too a white shirt.

“How did you know I like black?” –I tried the clothes, they were comfortable and they were my size too.

“Intuition, I guess. You look too good!” –Morderek said. “Do you like them?” –Morderek began to walk around me looking how I looked with those clothes. I nodded.

“Yeah, they’re comfortable, all my size and stuff” –I said. I really liked them, why I would to lie? Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. “Your guests?” –I asked.

“Our guests. And no, that should be other person that accepted to help us. Don’t worry, he can be frightening at first time, but he’s a nice guy. And you know him” –we began to go down the stairs to open the door. Morderek opened it, revealing some big black scales.

That scales began to move stepping back, a black really big dragon. How could i don’t recognize him? He was Kintaro, indeed.

“It’s.. him?” –Kintaro asked. I was too busy looking all of him, the giant dragon was a bit frightening, and if I didn’t know him before, I would be scared.

“Indeed, he is” –Morderek replied looking at me with a smile. “Javi, I’ll be glad to introduce you to Kintaro. Kintaro, this is Javi” –Morderek standed behind me, letting Kintaro and me face to face. I waved shyly to him, blushing.

“He.. Hello.. So.. you’re the one that.. gave me my life..?” –I replied Kintaro nodding nerviously. “I’m.. too glad finally to meet you.. I.. I hope we can be friends..” –That made me so happy, my own character asking me if we could be friends. I nodded happily.

“Of course I want!” –At half second later, Kintaro took me unready and I found myself in his claw, leading me to his chest. He hugged me tightly enough to keep me squeezed against his scaly chest and feel too good. “I’m so happy to see you finally” –I don’t know how I moved my arms to try to hug him too, because his hug had me almost immobilized. I could hug only one scale as big as me, but for Kintaro that was enough, he oppened his arms slowly searching me with his hands. One took me gently and put me in the house’s wooden platform again.

“I hope you forgive me.. I’m very impulsive..” –I nodded to led him knew I understood. How could I thought Kintaro was a bit frightening? When I looked him again, I saw a giant scaly teddy bear in a dragon body.

“I can understand perfectly, and that one of the things I like about you, so cute and cuddly” –I knew Kintaro would appreciate those words. He smiled and tickled me with his giant finger carefully to don’t stab me with his claw. I chuckled a bit.

“Come on, come on, Kintaro, he’s not a baby or a doll, I’m sure he’s a bit bother” –Kintaro stopped, looking at me and I denied with my head. Morderek sighed and I continued playing with Kintaro’s giant finger. “Well” –Morderek said some time after. “Our guests will come in a half hour, I guess. Time enough to prepare the things, having Kintaro’s size and my magic”

“Prepare the things? What do you mean?” –I asked. I didn’t see the obvious thing, of course he was talking about Christmas. He said that and explained me what do we’ll do.

“Well.. it was nice to meet you..” –Kintaro said. I answered him with the same words. “Morderek, where are the things?”

“I’ll summon them now” –Morderek made a weird hand gesture and a lot of things appeared down there, in that clear I did in my minds in front of the tree, too big in that surrealistic forest, but indeed there was, in front of me. The most impressive thing was a giant christmas tree full of lights and brights colours. And the most important thing, full of life. With it there was snow too, I realized in that moment that was snowing. A lot of gifts were under the tree, bit a bit of snow on them. Some small ones, some big ones and some giant ones too, like a house size. In each one gift there was a hard paper rectangle bent just by the middle, making a thing like a little thin book. Morderek said me we should go down to the ground and he jumped off the platform. Kintaro grabbed me gently  and led me on the ground too, I turned around to give him thanks and I was paralyzed by impression. I was smaller than his foot toes, and I say his head looking at me from the highs. However I wasn’t scared, he wasn’t violent and he didn’t want to harm anyone. Looking in perspective it was cool, a giant fiend to play with me.. I laughed of my minds and gave thanks to him.

“Look, all these cards need to be writen. Kintaro will tell what’s the name you have to put in there. You write one half of the gifts and I write the other half, it’s easy” –Morderek said. Kintaro frowned thinking standing close to me.

“And why not we separate them per person and you put the same name in all those that are in the same group?” –Morderek frowned too, thinking what was the better way. I touched Kintaro’s giant toe to call his attention, he crouched and I  said to him I agreed. He crouched more to high fives with me using his finger and maybe to hear us better when Morderek and me were talking.

“Okay” –Morderek said. “We’ll do in your way, Kintaro” –Kintaro took the gifts and led them in groups, one group to each person.

“Great, I finished” –he said. “You can start to choose the groups, but I advice, Morderek should take the biggest ones” –looked at me laughing and poked me with his finger friendly. “You’re too small for that big ones, if I were you I’ll go for little ones.. like these” –pointed to some groups with the gifts that were sized to me.

“Okay” –I said. I began to walk toward these gifts to write the names when I realized I had nothing to write. I asked Morderek and he gave me a feather with ink. I accepted them a bit surprised and I started to write the names Kintaro said to me. As I suspected, I didn’t hear my name in any moment, but I didn’t mind, I was with my friends.

“Well, I’d better put them again in their site, awesome job with the big ones, Morderek, you was like dancing in ice with the ink” –he stared at me. “And you did a good job too, you was like that was your first time useing a feather with ink” –I nodded after said such was the thing and he laughed with me. He placed them in their site and sat in the ground with me in front of him between his knees. “What do you say to play again with me until the people arrive?” –he asked smiling.

“I see you like to play, at least with me” –we started to laugh. “Yeah, why not?” –I smiled while he took me with his fingers and was lying down to still playing for a while.

“Guys” –Morderek said after some minutes. “They’re going to arrive soon, I only say in case you want to stop” –he stopped rubbing me with his finger absently and sat again. I was slipping on his belly almost to fall down when he took me again with his hand apoloqizing. He standed up after letting me on the ground with Morderek. He started to look between the trees.

“I can see.. Oh, it’s a girl like thirteen years old.. dark brown hair.. without fringe.. close to her I can see other girl a bit shortest than the first one. She has her hair short, black with a fringe that goes to her right.. and she has glasses too.. I can see a teenager about eighteen or twenty too that has blue hair and.. what’s that? A flypaper? Yeah, seems like it is.. I don’t know anyone of these” –Kintaro said.

“I think I know they both.. The girls, I mean..” –I said. Morderek looked at me with surprised face, I knew what was he thinking. Tresor (the tallest one) laughed and came running, with Ruth (the shortest one) and with the teenager behind them.

“I said a lot of time I don’t like that you call me nosy! Javi? That’s you? I’m so glad to see you here!” –She said when they arrived, after that she hugged me and I was a bit shocked, but I hugged her too while Ruth said a lot of ‘Hello!s’ and Kintaro was quiet behind me, looking to other side.

“I’m glad to see you too! Look, this is Kintaro, it’s an awesome guy too” –Kintaro crouched shyly and waved the newcomers. Ruth said a lot of ‘Hello!s’ again.

“This one is Kei” –Tresor said. He waved to me as I waved to him.

“Luke! It’s so good see you here! –Morderek said. A pinkish white Mewtwo just arrived by teleportation, with a cute kitty face, pink hair, glasses, gray hat, light green shirt and jeans.

“Same” –His cute face didn’t want to disappear. “Merry Christmas to all! Where’s the eggnog?” –The kitty face gots better and a little Zorua with big eyes appeared from Luke’s hat. “Derpy! Go inside now! You are going to freeze! –Luke stared at us with his kitty face. “He’s so cute, isn’t him?” –We all nodded shocked. A Blaziken with a blue sweatshirt came from the woods. “Potato!” –Luke said.

“Oh?” –The Blaziken shocked and laughed a bit time after. “Why that?”

“I was playing Super Mario Sunshine” –Luke said, with his kitty smile bigger. After that he went searching the eggnog.

“I will like to see his reaction when he discovers we don’t have eggnog.. Hey, Ryan, how are you? All fine?” –Morderek said.

“I’m fine, just coming to see you all in Christmas. And because you asked me to come” –Ryan said, laughing. “How are you?” –Ryan asked to Morderek. I was looking at Ryan amazed, I’m not a Pokémon fan, but my favourite ones are Blaziken and Lucario, when Ryan was next to me, a real Blaziken, that was so amazing.

“Fine too, glad you ask” –Morderek said. He stared at me and I looked to other site that wasn’t Ryan, like distracted. Morderek pointed to me with his finger. “I would like to introduce him to you” –I stared to Morderek and after that, to Ryan. Ryan was looking at me with his blue brightly eyes and I blushed a bit. “Ryan, this is Javi. Javi, this is Ryan”

“Hello” –Ryan said friendly. I waved shyly to him and he laughed. “I guess you know do it better, never mind” –we shook our hands. “It’s nice to meet you anyway” –he smiled, a strange but cute friendly gesture on his face. A smiling beak was so weird. That face made me laugh and some of my shyness went away. “What’s the joke? I didn’t get it” –he laughed with me as well.

“It’s only that smile on your beak, I find funny that face, sorry if you feel offensed by that..” –I was a bit embarrased and I apologized.

“Oh?” –He laughed more. “It’s fine, I understand you find it funny. I find funny a lot of things, I like to laugh” –Ryan made one of that kitty faces, with his beak he looked funny and I laughed again with him.

A girl with glasses came alone and said her name was Nanda, but she quickly began to talk with people. Four girls came  suddently, about twelve at fourteen years old. The younger one had dark brown short hair and a little scar under her lips. She was looking at me.

“Hello!” –She said. “I was expecting see you here, I’m so glad to be right” – she stared at Ryan and smiled. “Who are you?” –Ryan told his name to them and the younger girl smiled again. “My name is Lola, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I like Blazikens” –she smiled to him and began to introduce the rest of the gang. “This blonde-haired girl is Lucía, you can call her Ishu too. She –she pointed at a brunette-haired girl- is Laura, and the older one is Lorena” –She looked back hearing big steps coming from the woods. “What’s that?” –Luke appeared suddenly with his kitty smile.

“I didn’t find the eggnog” –He smiled more. “And I’ll bet that’s Silver” –a giant silvery Lucario with a gang of people appeared from the woods. Other two giants and two little figures were with him too. Kintaro blushed a bit and Morderek laughed.

“Kintaro is also like that green dragoness boybriend” –he said. “Her name is Mia. The blue dragoness is Sylvia, the Lucario is Silver and the two little ones should be Flare and Naomi. The blue Mewtwo is Flare and the Blaziken is Naomi, they’re grooms” –The gang arrived and Morderek introduced us to all.

“It’s a pleasure for us meet you all” –Silver said. “Merry Christmas to all” –I was looking to him impressed, I mentioned before I like Lucarios too, there it was, a giant silvery one.

“To you too” –I said smiling. He stared at me smiling too.

“Thanks little buddy, it’s a pleasure to meet you too” –Silver said.

“Same for me, I like Lucarios too much, I think you’re amazing” –he laughed and told me I should meet his brother. A neko came with other three people. The three other ones were humans except they had a monkey tail. They were a family, young parents with a baby. “Emily? Is that you?” –I asked.

“Of course I am!” –She smiled as me and we started to laugh.

“Vivi! I said the way was this one! But, of course, you never listen to me!” –A teenager voice could be heard from the woods.

“That must be Jeikobu” –Morderek said. “Look, there they are” –A seventeen years old teenager appeared from the woods followed by a chubby dark gray and green Mewtwo. A small dinosaur was walking with a red-haired man slightly behind the first couple. The man seemed young. “And seems like they found Suhail and Michael, better for us” –he smiled a bit and waved when the last gang arrived. We all introduced to others, in the family the mother was Samanta, the father was Gokui and the baby girl was Hitsumi. The dinosaur’s name was Suhail and the man’s name was Michael Zelft.

“Pay attention all, please!” –Morderek shouted. All people was suddenly quiet ready to hear him. “Wow.. Well, first of all, merry Christmas for all people that wanted to come. All that would be here, here is it, so we can start to take our gift” –he smiled as all people laughed and wento to search their gift, or, in case they already find it, help the others to find their owns. When all the people found their own, they began to open it in turns. Ryan was the first. When he opened it he took something like a box with a keyboard and some images.

“Oh my god.. a cookie machine! Now I can make my owns! –He begans to laugh hugging his machine. The next one was Ishu.

“Waaaah an Artic Monkeys disk! I wanna hear it!” –She smiled happily. Laura opened her own and started to laugh.

“A seagull repellent.. many thanks” –she continued laughing when Lola opened her own.

“Ooooh, it’s a yur.. Cool manga!” –She gave thanks and Lorena opened her own as well.

“A furby plushie! It’s so cute!” –Someones giggled happily as Lorena hugged her plushie.

“Oh my! A new drawing tablet! Thanks!” –Nanda said holding her gift. Tresor was the next one.

“What’s this? –She read the note that came with the videotape and some tears went out from her eyes. “My.. my brother is cured! He already isn’t autistic! –She hugged Morderek giving him thanks. Ruth got a drawing kit and Kei held a new flypaper, the both very happy. Silver was next to a giant rectangular box.

“What’s inside it? I can’t move it any milimetre.. Let’s see.. Be carefull down there, I’ll try to open it” –A giant wood plank fell when he opened the box, revealing a DDR machine sized to him with the metal mat. “Oh my.. You didn’t have to do it, many thanks!” –Mia and Kintaro decided to open their owns together, the both get a combinated necklace that was a heart and each one had their half. They smiled tying them to their necks and waited for the next person. Flare and Naomi held both their own painting, both by Morderek. Flare’s one was Rocavarancolia, the high golden buildings at the twilight. Naomi’s one was a portrait of Flare and her sitting on a bench. She giggled showing it to Flare, that laughed too and both gave thanks to Morderek. Next gift was for Sylvia, she took a Spanish card desk sized to her.

“I’ll learn to play” –she said happily. Sayajin family turn. Gokui and Samanta opened their gifts at the same time, Samanta got a ear pull tool. Gokui got an ice bag. Both stared at Morderek angrily but suddenly the began to laugh. Hitsumi got a cute teddy bear. Emily opened her gift and screamed happily she had a new laptop. Jeikobu was so happy because he got a mangaka tool kit. Vivi took a glove from his box and read the note, saying that was the key how could use to open a magic cabin to save his things. The note said too the cabin could be opened in all sites, only thing he would to do was desire it to enter his hand with the glove in the cabin. Suhail, the dinosaur, got a picture about his family, he saved it in his pocket happily. Luke opened his box carefully and almost fainted by cuteness. He entered his arms in the box and hugged a little Cubone.

“Who’s the most cute Cubone in the world? You!” –He was saying. Michael took an ancient scepter to save his power inside it.

I thought the last one were Morderek, I didn’t wait a gift. Then I realized that wasn’t any gift more for anyone. Morderek said in that moment the special gift was coming and a giant box appeared in the clear. I stared at it curious when Morderek did something that impressed me too much.

“Go ahead” –He said to me. “It’s for you”

“Se.. seriously..?” –I asked to him. “But, where’s your gift?”

“If you accept it, you’ll make me the best gift” –he snapped his fingers letting me see what were inside it. I was shoked for a while. A giant victorian doll house, as big as a normal house size was there. “Stay living here with us” –one just tear fell from my eye. A happyness tear.

“Of course..” –I said. And I hugged him.


                                                                                   THE END

A late Christmas story x3 I took the idea from :iconbigfriendlylucario:'s bigfriendlylucario.deviantart.…

Ishu or Lucía (C) :iconariri-ishu-chan:
Laura (C) :iconlaur-b:
Lola (C) :iconlolka1636:
Lorena (C) :iconyui-cute:
Nanda (C) :iconirais3000:
Tresor and Kei (C) :iconnuahh:
Ruth (C) :iconnurria:
Silver, Flare, Naomi, Sylvia and Mia (C) :iconbigfriendlylucario:
Samanta Gokui and Hitsumi (C) :iconaroa-samanta:
Ryan (C) :iconchamploon:
Luke (C) :iconluketheemewtwo:
Emily (C) :iconemily-nekochan:
Jeikobu and Vivi (C) :iconvivisinclair:
Suhail (C) :iconropen7789:
Michael Zelft (C) :iconmegabottons:
Kintaro and Morderek (C) Me
Narrator: Me
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I skimmed through it... sorry about that. And the funny thing is, my persona is named "Jeikobu."
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